Submissions are now open for our 2018 event!


Cue the pomp and circumstance! The Minne Mini Film Festival has rung the proverbial bell and opened our metaphorical doors to welcome a new class of two-minute movies! We are now accepting submissions for our 2018 event on

This year, there is no submission fee for Minnesotan filmmakers, and everyone else only needs to pitch in two bucks. The low submission fee keeps the fest accessible to filmmakers of all backgrounds and enables those filmmakers to use their money on what’s important: the films!

So get out there and do something you’ve never done before! Take on a new genre. Use a new technique. Call up that one actor you’ve been wanting to work with. Whatever it is, do it. We dare you to try.

Submissions are open until Labor Day (September 3rd). For rules and terms for submission, check out the Submit Your Film page.

We look forward to seeing your work!
Andrew and Ben - festival producers