Minne Mini Film Festival

Small films. Big screen.

The Minne Mini Film Festival, held in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, isn’t like most film festivals. Our programming shares a key defining element: all films must be two minutes in length or less!


The Minne Mini Film Festival is proudly produced by Persistence of Vision: A Filmmaking Collective, or simply POV for short.

POV is a fiscally-sponsored non-profit organization operating out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Since obtaining our fiscal sponsorship through Springboard for the Arts in 2012, POV has maintained our goal to build a community as collaborative and diverse as the art of filmmaking itself. We believe Minne Mini is an endeavor worthy of that goal.

Throughout our time as an organization, POV has contributed to the Twin Cities film community in a variety of ways. We’ve produced short films created collectively by members; hosted writing nights, consisting of activities like free-writing, writing exercises, and workshopping sessions; and facilitated hands-on, educational workshops focused on the distinct aspects of filmmaking from directing to sound to lighting.

Every month, we hold roundtable meetings at the Springboard for the Arts offices in St. Paul to discuss film-related topics and screen local films. We also organize monthly group outings to film screenings and events in the area. To keep up with POV's goings-on, we suggest you do the following: